Once a Mom, Always a Mom

     When I was young and naive, silly and inexperienced, I thought that having children was a little bit like having a job.  You start off by having a baby and when that beautiful little thing turns 18 and ventures out into the world, your ‘job’ is done and for the rest of time, you will just visit and have lovely family events together and life will be pleasant and you will feel good about yourself, having done a good job.

     How could I be so wrong.  Being a Mom means that you will never again just be yourself in this world.  You will always be thinking about, be concerned about, and yes, be worried about your children, no matter how old they are.

     We went to Europe for a wonderful birthday/anniversary trip.  We’d never done anything like it before.  When presented with the gift of a trip, my first thoughts were, I can’t leave my children and go to the other side of the world.  I knew in my logical mind that they were in good hands at home but my emotional mind was still nervous.  Then on the last couple of days of our trip, the unthinkable happened.  Our 17 year old son, new driver, rolled the car!!…while we were on the other side of the world!   His left hand was trapped between the roof of the upside down car and the dirt road.  He ripped it out from underneath and pulled himself out of the car.

     A neighbor and his cousin, a nurse, were golfing nearby and rushed to the accident and cared for him until the ambulance came.   He was rushed to one hospital, sent on to another hospital and subsequently has had 4 surgeries at a 3rd hospital so far.  He came close to losing his hand in the initial injury and afterwards from severe infection.

     When we arrived home, 2 days after the accident happened, you couldn’t pry me from his side. It doesn’t matter that he’s a man, 17 years old and 6 feet tall.  If I could have taken him in my arms and rocked him in my rocking chair to make him all better, I would have done it.  As we go through more surgeries, skin grafts and therapy, I will be there, cringing inside everytime he gasps in pain, agonizing in guilt that I ‘let’ this happen and praying constantly that God will please restore him back to perfection.

     Once you’re a Mom, that baby will always be your baby and you will do anything to protect that little life that you held in your arms, even if he is 6 feet tall.


About Sue Thomson

I am the wife to an amazing Man, a home school Mom of 9 children. I am a business woman who believes in 'never give up'. I appreciate accomplishment. I love beauty, and most of all I am grateful to God for my Life. Words are tools, created to love and edify. When your conversation is full of encouragement, it's like giving someone a gift and compliments are like the 'Ribbon on Top' of that gift. I will share some of my life with you and hope to add value to your life.
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