Ah…, Roma

     We had some adventures getting ourselves from Paris to Rome.  I’ll tell you about it sometime.  We arrived a little later than planned, but we hopped on the bus, of course, and toured some of the city.  The area near the Saint Angelo monument and the beautiful bridge leading up to it was irresistible and we just had to see it.

Castel Sant'Angelo

      This momument is the mausoleum turned museum that holds the ashes of Hadrian.  The Hadrian,.. the emperor of Rome till 138 AD.  No wonder it looks a little old! Legend says that the Archangel Michael appeared at the top of the building and ended the plague of 590 AD.  The bridges, alone, leading up to it were extremely beautiful.  The day was getting on and we lingered a while to admire the statues and the river.

Angel Statue

      In Europe, when they carve a statue, they don’t mess around.  Its huge.  Down the steps beside the river, right on the bank, was a beautiful restaurant.  I’ll never forget it;  ‘San Guiseppe’.  As the evening sun was setting we were taken to a table right beside the water.  The lights were coming on and gently illuminating the city around us.  The water of the Tiber River was turning a darker color as it slowly lapped by us and the Mediterranean Sky turned from blue to gray to pure, clear black with stars sparkling and the sliver of the moon shining so thin, but so bright.  With the breezes as gentle as you can imagine, and the temperature perfection, it was the most romantic setting in the world.

San Guiseppe Restaurant

     The food was amazing, the night was perfect, it seemed like a movie.  How could we have the best ‘everything’ at one restaurant?  The best grilled meat platter, the best bruschetta, the best calzone and the best tiramisu, and to top it off, the best cappucino.

      Our waiter spoke english very well.  He offered us some different coffee choices and we started to tell him that our guide book of Italy told us that the Italians would never consider drinking…and he interupted us and said…cappucino! and we all started laughing.  We couldn’t disguise the fact that we were tourists and Americans and we spend all our time at Starbucks.  He said he be glad to bring us cappucinos and we ended our meal, happily….as Americans.  They may have been laughing at us in the kitchen, but his great attitude earned him a good tip.  Apparently cappucino is the coffee of choice first thing in the morning and usually at home.  No self respecting Italian would want to have one late in the evening.  Well, you can’t expect us to turn into Italians in just one day, right?

    The evening meal started around 7 or 8 pm but back home it was about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  We were having the most wonderful evening of our lives and back home our son Michael was in the throws of agony, being transported from hospital to hospital, trying to find the best doctor to save his hand from his terrible rollover accident.

    We went back to our hotel that night and first thing in the morning, received the news of the accident.  Since we were leaving at 7 am the next day, there was really no way to get home any sooner.  I don’t think anyone realized the severity of the injury to Michael’s hand, so we had 1 whole day to somehow try to enjoy Rome.


About Sue Thomson

I am the wife to an amazing Man, a home school Mom of 9 children. I am a business woman who believes in 'never give up'. I appreciate accomplishment. I love beauty, and most of all I am grateful to God for my Life. Words are tools, created to love and edify. When your conversation is full of encouragement, it's like giving someone a gift and compliments are like the 'Ribbon on Top' of that gift. I will share some of my life with you and hope to add value to your life.
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2 Responses to Ah…, Roma

  1. Naomi says:

    I’ve decided that I very much like your blog. I just went back and read all of your Europe posts– awesome! 😀

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