Second Baby

       World travel is not my norm, but it was an awesome adventure.  Our real adventures, in life though, are people and especially the ones closest to us.

Baby Bethany

      When we were first married, we lived in Toronto for a year or so with our one beautiful baby boy and then moved to Oklahoma City, pregnant!  We were going for a 4 month job training for David and we left carefree and happy. So what if we were pregnant and moving to a strange temporary place.  We weren’t worried about anything.  We had it all planned out… Go to Ok. City… move back to a new location… have a baby.  All neat and tidy.  Well, the best laid plans as they say…Bethany was born in Oklahoma City, early, instead of back home, and with a doctor we barely knew.  We had no house to live in when we got back and now we had 2 babies.  Have you ever changed everything in your life at the same time?  New baby, new city, new job, new house, new church, new friends…wow!  But thats why life is an adventure.  I loved it.  I felt like a gypsy, or a pioneer.  I knew we’d figure it out.

Beautiful Baby

      She was a pretty little doll when she was born.  I’ve heard so many people wonder and worry whether they’ll love another baby as much as the first, whether they’ll be able to cope with 2 children or if they’ll be able to give each of them all the time they need and deserve.  It didn’t even occur to me to worry about that and I think one of the reasons I wasn’t worried is that I had such a good example in my parents.  They seemed to cruise through life meeting all of our needs just fine.   I think the only reason any of these worries cross my mind now is from listening to other people.  If other people are worried, maybe I should be worried too!


Everything did work out.  Our best friends took little 20 month old Davey, home to Grandma and Granpa’s house and we finished our hospital stay and drove back to start our new life.  Such a little dear.


     We tortured her with visits to Santa.  He must have been really scary.  I thought it would be fun to document the passing of time with a yearly trip to see Santa at the Mall.  We gave up soon after this year.  It was too traumatic!

Pretty Flower Girl and Handsome Ring Bearer

     I guess she got a lot happier when she got to be the little princess.  She was as sweet as her brother was feisty!   They were in a few weddings together, like a sweet little mini bride and groom.

     We were told by friends that we now had a million dollar family.  One boy and one girl and believe me I was very, very grateful.  I almost died after she was born, and then I almost had a hysterectomy and I wouldn’t have been able to have any more children.  If that had been the case, then I would have known that we were very, very blessed with our million dollar family.

Matching PJs

     Christmas is such a special time.  How fun to have 2 sweet little children and be able to celebrate this wonderful day together.  I love Christmas mornings.  Bethany and her new ‘baby’ got to have matching  jammies.

Summer Fun

From cold Christmas time to summer fun at the lake.  Isn’t it fun to look through your pictures and see how sweet and darling your children are?  How did I ever deserve to have such a beautiful gift as these babies?  As poor as I felt sometimes, or as tired as I would get, nothing is more valuable, no treasure is greater than the gift of children.

Dressed up for Picture Day

     She was a treasure.  Its amazing how much I learned having one baby.  Its amazing how much more I learned having 2.  Life lessons 101….more to come 🙂


About Sue Thomson

I am the wife to an amazing Man, a home school Mom of 9 children. I am a business woman who believes in 'never give up'. I appreciate accomplishment. I love beauty, and most of all I am grateful to God for my Life. Words are tools, created to love and edify. When your conversation is full of encouragement, it's like giving someone a gift and compliments are like the 'Ribbon on Top' of that gift. I will share some of my life with you and hope to add value to your life.
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5 Responses to Second Baby

  1. Ruth Thompson says:

    This is so interesting and will be a keepsake for your family!!! Love you Sue!!! So sorry we do not see you and David more often. Love Ruth

  2. Carlyn Thomson says:

    how adorable! Bethany was super cute! Its crazy you almost had to have a hysterectomy and had to stop at only 2 kids! I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Cindy Robinson says:

    Sue this is so awesome! And that picture of you and Beth at the picnic, was taken in London I’m sure! I have some pics of that day…we met you there, Sarah and Lindsay were babies…and we had a flat tire on our way home! Good memories!

  4. Abby Thomson says:

    mmmm….now we all know who the favorite children are 😉

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