Getting To Know Christopher And His Big Sisters

Do you wonder what I’m doing with my time?

I could be laying on the beautiful, warm sand beach, basking in the California sun.  I could be playing at Disneyland, having all kinds of silly fun.  I could be shopping on Rodeo Drive.  I could sail to Catalina Island and eat and shop and see whales on the way…But no! I’m doing what I love, doing what’s important and experiencing the real quality of life…Family.

Chillin' with Baby Christopher

What a little dear.  We’re having such a sweet time together.

Rocking in the Glider

I may never leave this glider as long as Christopher wants to sleep in my arms.  There’s nothing more heartwarming than sitting and rocking a soft, content newborn baby.

Sarah and her new little Man

Isn’t he gorgeous?  So far he’s been so content and happy and a joy to be around. Of course he’s happiest with his Mama.


Emma is 4 years old and absolutely loves her new little brother.  She spends her time between running over and hugging him, and dressing up and playing princess all day long.


Little Abby is 3 years old and I don’t think she knows what to make about having a new little brother in the house.  She loves him and then runs to play princess for the rest of the day.  Awesome.


About Sue Thomson

I am the wife to an amazing Man, a home school Mom of 9 children. I am a business woman who believes in 'never give up'. I appreciate accomplishment. I love beauty, and most of all I am grateful to God for my Life. Words are tools, created to love and edify. When your conversation is full of encouragement, it's like giving someone a gift and compliments are like the 'Ribbon on Top' of that gift. I will share some of my life with you and hope to add value to your life.
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2 Responses to Getting To Know Christopher And His Big Sisters

  1. Abby says:

    This is one if my favorites…great pics! I wish they lived in Michigan 😦 you better get home soon, the house blows up every night with every toy we own and i’m excited for a meal that didn’t come out of the freezer 😉

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