Lunch, Babies and The Beach

Its 7 degrees at my house and they say it feels like  -6 degrees! Good thing I needed to come to California and take care of babies:)

We drove down to Laguna Beach just to eat at Nick’s restaurant, well worth it, and took 3 babies with us.  That can be a challenge, but when your children are quite obedient, for their age, then it is a very pleasant time.  I hope Sarah’s girls are so good because she learned a few things from me:)

Emma and Puppy at Nick’s

Nick’s restaurant was delicious and right in the heart of all the action in Laguna Beach.  Emma and Abby split chicken fingers while Sarah and I dined on Artichoke Heart dipped in creamy lemon butter and Wood grilled salmon in a lemon caper beurre blanc sauce, hmmmm…

Abby at Nick’s

When Sarah left to feed the baby, Abby and I had a slight altercation.  She wanted lemon in her water, so I gave her some, but then she screamed a bit and said she didn’t want lemon in her water.  I said to her, I must have misunderstood and took it out.  The she screamed again and said she did want the lemon.  Well the mommy in me came out.  I can’t help it.  I told her absolutely no lemon and no screaming,and I told her in no uncertain terms, which is code for you’d better not scream or else. Well she really straightened up quite quickly and she straightened up because she knows about ‘or else’ from her mother.  I always fall back to my default setting, which is my yes is yes and my no is no and I had firmly decided, no lemon and no screaming.  Its very helpful to be decisive.  When children look you in the eye and see that you’re unwavering in your decision,  they comply and its easy to resolve the issue.

You can have the most beautiful child, but if they don’t have a sweet attitude, it ruins their beauty.  Whenever the girls stepped out of line, Sarah dealt with them very appropriately and they were very sweet.  When Sarah and the baby came back, Baby Christopher slept soundly in his little car seat while we ate a wonderful lunch.

Truffles and Ice Cream

After lunch Sarah splurged on some very gourmet truffles to take home for dinner and an ice cream treat for the girls before we ventured off to the sand and surf. This little courtyard of shops, where we got the truffles, reminded me so much of Paris; cobblestone pavement, vines and trees growing in the courtyard and on the balconies there were potted topiaries and everything was narrow, quaint and very pretty.

Playtime in the Sand

The girls had a wonderful time playing in the sand.  They’re always imagining that they’re beautiful princess, dressed up in their beautiful dresses and they don’t notice anything wrong with becoming completely covered with sand.  We, on the other hand, tried not to fuss about pretty dresses getting ruined and let them play to their hearts content.


Finally we strolled down to the water’s edge, we risked it, and it was cold.  We are not quitters, though.  They were many more waves to be experienced before we left that day and we stayed with it, wave after wave and we loved every minute of it.

By The Sea

We talked about how big the next wave was going to be and how no matter what, we’d protect baby Christopher from the cold sea and how brave Emma was to come into the huge ocean.


I loved every minute of it. Impossible to believe how beautiful it is here, all the time.  Is it really still 7 degrees back home?

Scared Baby

Meanwhile, just a few short feet away from the rolling waves, nothing would persuade Abby go in the water, even with her toes.  She cried and screamed in fear and even seeing Emma run right out, did nothing to make her comfortable.  We had to just hug her and say maybe next time.  This was not the time for ‘do it or else’.  When a baby is scared, our job is to reasure them that you’ll protect them and we can always come back another day and try it again.  I know I’m going to come back and try it again.   Do you know its 7 degrees at my house!


About Sue Thomson

I am the wife to an amazing Man, a home school Mom of 9 children. I am a business woman who believes in 'never give up'. I appreciate accomplishment. I love beauty, and most of all I am grateful to God for my Life. Words are tools, created to love and edify. When your conversation is full of encouragement, it's like giving someone a gift and compliments are like the 'Ribbon on Top' of that gift. I will share some of my life with you and hope to add value to your life.
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  1. sarah says:

    excellent not just because i and my kiddies are in it

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